Paintball Strategy


Important elements on paintball strategy

Key Elements of Paintball Strategy

August 6th, 2010

Paintball is the actual simulation of a battle which takes place between teams so it is best to have a paintball strategy to employ.

Key elements of this strategy are defined roles, knowledge, equipment, and physical abilities.


Defined roles


Every good paintball team has defined roles throughout the team.  The basic requirement is to have a leader the group will follow.  This allows the participants to have direction towards the common goal defined by the game. The leader can motivate the troops to victory by ensuring they follow the plan and keep the common goal at the forefront of their play.

The roles can be defined further between the leader and the team depending on the game…i.e capture the flag (who is going to try to run and grab the flag?)




The strategy must be developed around the knowledge of the course and the people playing the game.  What does the course look like from all sides?  Layout the strategy to use the obstacles in the field.  If a fort exists how will the team use that to their strategic advantage?

The participants in the game also need to be taken into consideration.  It is important to have knowledge of their skills and abilities.  Your own team you probably have good knowledge of so you can position the group based on their abilities.

Knowledge of the opponents may not be so readily available so some research may have to be done.  Of course before the match you could talk to them and figure out how long they have played. Also, the equipment they have can tell if they are going to blow you out of the water.  If they have expensive equipment and look like they are professionals the battle is most likely going to be a hard one.




Equipment is very important in devising the strategy.  The team needs to be dressed appropriately as to blend in with the environment.  Masks should always be worn and the guns need to be in good working condition.  You do not want a jam during the match!  Equipment is not only important in the paintball strategy but for safety reasons as well because it hurts to ne shot by a paintball.


Physical Abilities


The last key element is physical abilities.  As part of the strategy it is important to get prepared physically for a paintball match.  Exercise before so you can prepare because typically during the match there will be much running taking place.

If you consider these elements in your strategy the team will have a better chance of winning the match!



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Paintball and Football, a Comparison?

October 2nd, 2010

Paintball strategy is very much like football strategy.  As I enjoy both, I can compare the two.  In football you have a QB, much like in paintball in which one of the players has to be a leader.  The leader on a paintball field should be able to give assistance and direction to the members of the team.  The other players are typical more like a running back.


As paintball is not a physical contact sport between two individuals the players are like running backs.  They need to keep their feet moving and go throughout the field in order to avoid being shot and cover the most ground to find their opponent and ultimately shoot more and avoid being shot.


The strategy and tactics can also be seen as like a football game.  Ever in football see John Madden put the X’s and O’s on the bug screen TV.  Well in a paintball match you could prepare and do the same deal.  Create a white board with the terrain and all obstacles on the field.  Put where your team will start with X’s.  You can guess where the opposing team players will start and mark them with O’s.  You can then mark up the white board with tactics and movements, i.e. player A moves here and player B moves in this area, these are the X’s.


Various different options could be cared for in this situation.   These could be different plays, for example, if the opposing team does this then you do this.  So you could go through several different iterations on the white board depending on the endless moves your opponent could make.   The plays do not stop unlike football so while using the white board is a benefit you need to have the flexibility to adjust the game plan as the game goes forward.


This leads to flexibility.   It is so important to be flexible in the paintball game.  You typically will not have an off field coach like in football who can watch what is happening and adjust the game plan.  You have to do it on the fly.  The best plan to combat this element is communication.  On the field it is so important to communicate to your team.  Similar to football, your strategy and plan changes like an audible rather than a third party watching and adjusting the plays with a break or timeout.


Paintball is a fast game and it requires quick decision and fast decisive movements.  But since it is also a team game it is so important that the communication is there.  But just know the communication will be fast so prepare your mind for a speedy battle.

Paintball Equipment – Paintball Mine, Paintball Guns & More

September 5th, 2010

Part of paintball strategy does involve the paintball equipment.  Items to consider in a paintball match is what kind of weaponry is involved such as paintball mines, guns and more.  There are paintball guns, paintball tanks, paintball mines, and other paintball items.  Paintball guns are so much fun and come in many different styles.  Ever seen one of those fancy guns that has an automated hopper?  If someone has this type of gun you can pretty much be sure they are serious about the game.  Some guns have fun colors, neon colors.  All sort of different guns exist. 


Also an assassin’s gun exists shooting a single shot at a time.  In the game of assassin, one person has the assassin’s gun and have different rules around what the assassin can do.  One option is the assassin could be the mark where the team who shoots the assassin first wins.  This adds a new layer to the strategy as the mark is constantly moving.  In this type of match awareness of your surroundings is key.


There are also other types of equipment such as paintball grenade launchers.  Sitting at the back and just try shooting it up in the air in an area the opponent would happen to be.  This allows you to shoot blindly and hopefully hit the enemy.   It is neat to have all different types of equipment involved in a paintball match.  I was actually in a battle in which a tank was involved which was amazing.


The equipment involved in the match actually causes each team to alter their strategy.  Just like the type of game affects paintball strategy so does items in the game.  Be sure to take this into consideration before your team plays the game.




Paintball Strategies in Speedball

August 26th, 2010

As there are many different variations of a paintball game there are so many different types of paintball strategy to utilize.  One such game is speedball. 


Speedball is a type of match where each team has to find the flag and move it to a set location.  Since it is a game against the opponents’ clock, moving quickly is key here.  You also want to keep moving from bunker to bunker as your opponent will not know where you are.  They will think you are at one bunker when in actuality you moved to another bunker.  But make sure your communicate with your team members.  If they know where you are and you know where they are you can cover more ground and get the strategic advantage.  


As you do keep moving throughout the course, quickly, make sure you do not stay in the open for very long.  This point is very easy to understand but sometimes beginners tend to get caught in this spot.  If you are in plain site your enemy has better visibility and will have a better shot.  So, in moving from bunker to bunker communicate with your team and ensure you are not a sitting duck for to long.  This bunker play is great and moving quickly is important but the bunker provides another option for a player.   


This other strategy is to hang at one bunker and if the opportunity presents itself shoot and hold.  Instead of running while communicating to the team find a good place shoot, hide, and back at the same bunker and shoot again.  This will allow you if you are in a good spot to use it to your full advantage.  But since it is a match against time you still need to keep moving so use this sparingly.  


Be completely aware of your surroundings because it is so important that you know where everyone is at all times (not possible but the goal).  Awareness can give you a nice advantage over your opponent and let you know where the flag is in relation to you and also the location of the drop point.  But keep running and don’t be afraid.  What is meant here is that at times running from bunker to bunker gives the feeling of vulnerability.  In many circumstances the reality is if you run quick enough the chance of being shot is slim.  Be smart think about your play but think fast.  The more games you play, the better you will be. 


As you get more aggressive you will find the paintball strategies coming from game to game.  Speedball will get easier and easier.  Keep in mind strategies from the beginning and the game will be easier to start and get into.  Use your teammates, communicate, and run fast.  Oh and don’t forget to shoot.  Shooting intelligently while quickly is your most valuable play.

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